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FYI: EA’s new CEO, Diablo III changes & more

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  • After a six month search, Electronic Arts has a new CEO (via EA)
  • Diablo III auction houses will close March 18th, 2014 (via Blizzard)
  • Ryse confirmed to be running at 900p (via GAF & Twitter)


“This is Battlefield” Battlefield 4 trailer

It is about time EA found a new CEO. 39 years old and a he’s already at the top of one of the biggest video game publishers in the world. That’s not a bad career path. Hopefully he can do good things for them.

Blizzard getting rid of the Diablo III auction houses is an impressive mea culpa. But why in March? Why do they need to align it with new expansion pack? Diablo III on consoles is faring fine without it. This change alone isn’t going to draw me back to the game but listening to the fans is still a commendable action.

I highlighted the Ryse 900p resolution because it’s a Crytek game. It is ridiculous that Crytek, the developer known for their technological prowess with graphics, could not (or would not) render the game at 1080p. Ryse runs at 30 FPS and they couldn’t muster enough to render at 1920 x 1080? Ryse doesn’t look like a game that has a big scope, so what is going on there?

Fun fact: Crytek have yet to put out a game that runs at native 720p or 1080p; there was always some corner cutting. Forgivable for open world games? For Ryse? C’mon.

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