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Checkpoint: My Smartphone Use Edition


I’m not going to be upgrading to the iPhone 5s. I have an iPhone 4S and it suits my needs just fine. As impressive as the fingerprint reader and new A7 processor is, I cannot justify the price of upgrading.

I barely use my iPhone. Once I’m at home, the iPad is the go to iOS device. If I’m out and about, don’t play heavy duty games on the phone. I don’t even use much data. I don’t need to watch YouTube videos or listen to streaming music while on the go. I much rather pay $10 per month for 100 MB and just use the device for e-mail, iMessage and Twitter.

So when will I consider an upgrade? When iOS itself ceases to function adequately on the 4S or when Apple introduces something so integral that I cannot live without it.

I’m much more open to the idea of an iPad upgrade. That’s a device that I find myself using more as time goes by. iOS 7 is also exposing the weaknesses of the A5X SoC that are manageable but a bit disconcerting. I’m hoping Apple addresses those hitches.

I’m working through ICO. I’m enjoying it but unlike Beyond Good & Evil HD, I think this game is begging for a proper remake. There’s just enough expectation for quality realistic assets to remind me this game is old.

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