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BioShock 2 transitions from GFWL to Steamworks

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As you may know may already be aware: Games for Windows Live! is dead.

We were wondering what will happen to the games that were wrapped with Games for Windows Live!. The logical step was to upgrade to Steamworks but when was that going to happen and which games will be the first to do it?

The answer: BioShock 2.

The full transition to Steamworks also brought along full controller support. They’ve also finally released the Minerva’s Den DLC which I hear nothing but good things for. Many have said it’s better than BioShock 2 itself.

I don’t have a copy of BioShock 2 for the PC but I did own the PS3 version. I think I will buy the PC version on the cheap along with Minerva’s Den DLC.

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