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FYI: Delays & demonstrations

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  • Watch_Dogs delayed until Spring 2014 (April – June) (via Ubiblog)
  • The Crew delayed until Summer 2014 (July – September) via IGN


Valve Controller Demonstration

Final Fantasy XIII-3 Walkthrough

The Valve controller demonstration was not a very convincing demonstration for me. The 1:1 mimicking of the mouse on the right track pad reminded me of the inconveniences of using the Wiimote to aim. Even in the demo there was noticeable jittering when resting the thumb in place. I wasn’t a fan of the need to perform swiping gestures either. Hopefully future demonstrations will win me over.

I was on the brink of giving up on the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy after the disappointing XIII-2. I didn’t even have XIII-3 on my radar until I watched that walkthrough. That looked pretty good, Square Enix. I like the open spaces and focus on realtime combat. That clock on right hand side counting down the days until the end of the world could pose unnecessary pressure but that could just be aesthetics and nothing more. I may never know the answer to that because with the next generation well under way, I don’t know if I’ll pick this one up in February 2014.

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