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I <3 this PlayStation 4 Teardown

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I don’t read many Wired pieces but maybe I should change that. Their Xbox One expose was impressive but this PlayStation 4 teardown complete with video was something else.

Having the engineer take apart the PlayStation 4 console piece by piece and explain the details and nuances of the major components was both informative and enlightening. I wish the engineer divulged more detail and I wish there were higher resolution photos of the motherboard, chips and other components.

Still, even after watching the video, I have so many questions:

  • What is the temperature of the APU at full load?
  • Is that a dual band 802.11n radio?
  • Does the aluminum shield also serve additional heat dissipator?
  • Do we need to go through that many steps to replace the hard drive?

Hopefully we’ll get those answered at around launch time.


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