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Checkpoint: The PlayStation 4 Awaits


Am I ready? Kinda.

I’m looking forward to the launch of the PlayStation 4. I cannot wait to tinker with the new console and all its new fangled features. But as I was playing Rayman: Origins on my PlayStation 3 Slim, I found myself wondering how often I will be checking back in with that console.

I spent a lot of time playing PlayStation 2 titles on my PlayStation 3 because the launch and post launch releases weren’t very compelling. I cannot say the same for the PlayStation 4’s launch offerings though. If Battlefield 4 ends up living to my expectations, I could see myself spending a lot time with Sony’s latest.

My PS3 backlog contains numerous titles and I do wish to return to many of them. But for now, I’ll be happy with just wrapping up Rayman: Origins completely.

I picked Rayman: Origins back up again because I finished Beyond: Two Souls and wanted something without a long commitment. I’ll pen down my thoughts on Beyond: Two Souls as soon as possible because it’s a game which was only undone by its choice of story progression.

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