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And so the PS4 supports AMD’s TrueAudio

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amd-logoDuring yesterday’s AMD APU13 event, Sony’s VP of R&D revealed that the PlayStation 4’s APU included an audio digital signal processor based on AMD’s TrueAudio technology.

TrueAudio is AMD’s upcoming attempt to bring back hardware accelerated audio. Since the introduction of Windows Vista and the relocation of Windows audio stack into software, hardware audio acceleration on PC practically halted and we’ve all coasted on integrated audio solutions.

AMD hopes TrueAudio will bring back hardware accelerated and its benefits. And since their audio solution is in both the PlayStation 4 and PC, hopefully we’ll see an easy and successful ports of audio engines.

I don’t know why I didn’t think this was the case when AMD announced the inclusion of their TrueAudio DSP in the new line of “Bonaire” video cards . I guess I didn’t think AMD would include such a thing in their older chips.

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