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Exporting PS4 screenshots without Facebook or Twitter

We all wish new consoles, operating systems and other pieces of software debuted with all the features of its predecessors.

The PlayStation 4 (with firmware 1.5) may allow you to share photos to Twitter and Facebook but what if you wanted to just export those screenshots without signing up to a social network or without having social networks mangle them?

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to export screenshots to a USB stick and thus a workaround is required. You can send the raw screenshots to a PSN friend as an attachment and then have a friend (or dummy account) retrieve those attachments via the PlayStation App.

  • My brother sent me a test screenshot and I retrieved it on the PlayStation App
  • I saved the photo onto my iPad which then automatically placed it into my Photo Stream so I could retrieve it on my Macbook Air

It’s a long and inconvenient process but if you intend on bypassing both Facebook or Twitter, this is one way to do it.

  1. Chris D (@GvazE)
    | Reply

    It is desirable to not upload to FB or Twitter, because they compress the image

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