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PlayStation 4 storage options tested

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Will Smith over at Tested explored the storage options of the PlayStation 4. With large capacity solid state drives being so expensive, it is important to find out if they’re worth their high price tags.

I would never place a solid state hard drive (hybrid drive) in one of my PCs because they can take advantage of the solid state drives. The PlayStation 4? Apparently it doesn’t utilize SSDs very well. Nobody is sure if future firmware revisions will improve SSD utilization but for now it looks like SSHDs are the way to go. They offer both capacity and performance gains.

So what are my SSHD choices? The Seagate 1TB drive with 8GB of NAND (Model: ST1000LM014) can be found for around $115 online. That’s a little pricier than I would like.

So for now, I will wait.

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