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You only need one Xbox One review

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If you need just one Xbox One console review make it AnandTech’s “mini-review“. It is amazing that one outlet’s “mini-review” outdoes the efforts of a majority of gaming press.

They not only highlight the differences in performance but also explain how the differences manifest themselves in games. They measured power consumption at different power states and even browser benchmarks. Who else is going to run browser benchmarks out there?

Who cares enough about the details like AnandTech? Not the clowns at Gamespot who came up with this doozy of a comparison. I can only assume this is ineptitude and lack of effort because I refuse to believe that was someone’s best effort.

Digital Foundry is close to what I’m looking for from the game’s press but they’re not in the same league as AnandTech. I don’t expect every member of an outlet to be experts but I do expect them to hire someone who knows what they’re talking about and how impart that knowledge to their readers.


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