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Silicon Knights’ Highest & Lowest Points

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Remember Silicon Knights? Remember them as a Nintendo second party studio? I nearly forgot about the studio but this week, the studio’s highs and lows were highlighted in two great pieces of journalism.

First, Emily Roger’s lengthy and informative piece about the Nintendo GameCube. In that piece, you will find the exact moment in time when Nintendo blessed the southern Ontario studio as a second party studio.

Arakawa told the press.”Quality always has been the Nintendo mantra, so investing in Silicon Knights fits perfectly with our corporate goal.”

Conversely, if you check out GiantBomb’s written or audio interview concerning the Silicon Knights vs Epic Games case, you will find the most egregious act of code theft by a developer.

GB: Silicon Knights was essentially arguing that what they were doing in building an engine was common knowledge, not technology that was exclusive to Epic.

Lipkin: One of the most damning things from the lower court, the actual trial court, was that not only had Epic’s code been put into the Silicon Knights engine, even comments from Epic’s coders were transferred over, a wholesale copy-and-paste.

C’mon. Really? That’s just stupid or incredibly sloppy.

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