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TitanFall hype ramps up with beta sign ups & previews

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I signed up for the TitanFall beta. I chose the PC version because I don’t have an Xbox One (even if I did, I would be a Gold member anyways).

The embargo lifted today and with it came a torrent of gameplay videos.

The more I see of TitanFall, the less enthused I am about it. The environment appears to be very static. Bullets and rockets spray into walls and nothing happens. Trees, towers and other obstacles are as sturdy buildings. Coming from someone who enjoys their Battlefield style of destruction, Titanfall appears to be a step back in this regard. I’m not expecting every single building to crumble but at the same time, I don’t want to see a giant mech thwarted by a thin wall either.

I love TitanFall’s movement options though. It’s what I was hoping for when DICE announced they announced Battlefield 3. I was hoping for a marriage between Mirror’s Edge movement abilities with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 destruction. Unfortunately they didn’t deliver on my hopes for improved movement but they continued to refine and improve their destruction tech.

I guess I’m asking too much when the game is coming to the Xbox 360 as well. And if they’re struggling to keep the resolution above 720p (it’s 792p for the beta) while maintaining 60FPS, I can see why they wouldn’t even bother with destruction.

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