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FYI: The Order 1886 gameplay & Irrational Games closure

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  • Irrational Games shuts down as Ken Levine forms a smaller studio (via Irrational Games)
  • 5.3 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold (via Sony)


The Order 1886 Gameplay

They said The Order 1886 was going to be a cinematic first person shooter and the trailer that they released showed just that. It’s gorgeous and the setting already won me over but this initial gameplay reveal wasn’t as enticing as it could be. I wish the weaponry was less automatic and more time period appropriate.

The most shocking news of the day was Ken Levine announcing the closure of Irrational Games. My initial reaction was “Why? Why did they have to shut it all down? I thought BioShock was successful.” Apparently generating half a billion dollars wasn’t enough to keep the studio afloat. I really hope someone gets to the bottom of all of this. If Ken Levine just wanted to scurry away with a handful of people to form a smaller studio, why did he need to axe so many employees in the process? It’s ruthless.

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