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Layoffs hit Santa Monica studio. New IP canned

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Sony Santa Monica is one of my favorite developers. The talented studio behind the God of War franchise are known for producing hit after hit. Even though God of War: Ascension wasn’t the brightest star in their portfolio, it was a title of high production value.

According to IGN, approximately 50 employees were let go at Sony Santa Monica. They were associated with the new IP Stig Asmussen was leading. I was looking forward to what the God of War III director was up to. He did a pretty darn good job directing the third instalment.

With Irrational Games shutting its doors earlier this month and now this, I feel like no one is safe. Even big studios with blockbuster titles can end up on the chopping block. With all this talent floating about, I’m curious what the future holds. Will we see a new studio form up? A bunch of independent development studios?

Or is this the a sign of crumbling game’s industry?

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