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FYI: New Batman game announced, 6 million PS4s sold

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  • Rocksteady developed Batman: Arkham Knight coming 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC (via Game Informer)
  • Over 6 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold since March 2nd (via PlayStation.Blog)


Batman: Arkham Knight Announcement Trailer

TitanFall Launch Trailer

I’m so glad to see Rocksteady’s final Batman title coming exclusively to next generation platform. The Dark Knight can finally cast away the shackles of limited RAM and spread his wings and glide. I didn’t pick up Batman: Arkham Origins and despite my criticisms against Arkham City, I have high hopes for Rocksteady’s upcoming title. It’s just a shame that they decided to use a CG trailer along side the announcement.

That TitanFall doesn’t scream “next generation” to me. It looks like it would be a lot of fun but there’s just something about it that says to me: “This could have debuted two years ago on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3” and I would have believed you. I’ll probably pick it up on the cheap on Origin to check it out.

Sony surpassed the 6 million mark already? That’s pretty damn impressive.

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