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FYI: GDC 2014 News & More

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  • Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset unveiled as “Project Morpheus” (via PS.Blog)
    • 1080p w/ 90 degree field of view
    • Positional and orientation tracking with help of accelerometers, gyroscopes and PlayStation Camera
    • No pricing or release plans announced
  • Some PlayStation 4 firmware 1.7 features detailed (via PS.Blog)
    • Video editor
    • Ability to export video and photos to USB
    • Option to disable HDCP for capturing game footage via HDMI
  • Sony integrating additional tools and middleware engines into the PlayStation 4 (via PS.Blog)
  • Intel Haswell-E feature 8-cores, DDR4 and X99 chipset coming 2H 2014 (via AnandTech)


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Game Developer Conferences have become increasingly interesting in recent years. New engines, middleware and other game developing tidbits. How often do you get brand new hardware announcements from one of the console manufacturers?

My excitement for VR doubled with Sony’s announcement of Project Morpheus. I didn’t have faith in the Oculus Rift’s market penetration. I have my doubts for Sony’s VR headset as well but they do have the resources, the platform and a growing audience who can use the headset.

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