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Checkpoint: Appreciation of Design Edition

Checkpoint - Appreciation of Design Edition

I bought a new toaster for myself this week. It was a pricier toaster but I was willing to spend a little more to get something that would just work. My current $30 – $40 was not cutting it anymore. Every few months, a new problem would arise ranging from toast landing on my countertop/floor or burnt toast regardless of setting. It was rubbish and I wanted better.

I decided to treat this common everyday household product like I would any technological gadget or equipment, I decided to look for one that intersects that magical point of design and price.

I wanted something that looked nice, priced fairly and most importantly: do it’s God damn job well. The Breville BTA820XL seemed to fit the bill. I found it through Amazon.ca and Amazon.com’s customer reviews; it was amongst the most popular and highest rated toasters. (I tried going to The Sweet Home for some advice but no luck.)

It’s not the most expensive toaster that I looked at (that belongs to these Magimix toasters) but it seemed to fit my criteria. It looked nice, it was at a price I was willing to pay and people seemed generally happy with its performance. There was just one tiny detail which I didn’t understand until I tried it for myself: why was it motorized?

On the Breville website, it mentions that it was motorized for “gentler handling” but I didn’t grasp the significance of that detail until I used it. I thought it was just a novelty that would prevent my toast and bagels from ending up on the floor. As it turns out, the motorized lift limits the amount of crumbs that are dislodged after toasting; the bottom of the toaster and my counters were virtually pristine while using this toaster.

Manual spring toasters left deposits of crumbs at the bottom of the toaster that just wouldn’t find their way to the crumb tray. I’m certain this Breville will have its share of stubborn crumb deposits but at least I wouldn’t have to deal with it as often. I also hope the motorized lift continues functioning for many years.

So yes, I just dedicated a post to a toaster. It’s one hell of a toaster though and if you’re looking for something that gets the job done with style and care, give the Breville BTA820XL a look. I highly recommend it.

I decided to play BioShock Infinite’s final piece of downloadable content Burial at Sea Part 2. It has the honor of being Irrational Games’ farewell piece as well and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s decidedly BioShock but with a small Deus Ex twist. I’m at the door step of the finale of the episode, so I should be wrapping it up rather quickly.

I have to write up my thoughts on The Witcher 2. I hope to have it finished by this Wednesday.

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