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The Last of Us: Remastered coming to the PS4

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The Last of Us Remastered

It was rumored, accidentally announced, mistakenly posted and now confirmed. The Last of Us will be “Remastered” for the PlayStation 4 and it will be available some time this summer.

The PlayStation 3 release wasn’t a complete eye sore but it did have rough patches. Some of those textures were a bit too muddy and the framerate took noticeable dives in many spots but it was playable and visually impressive for a PlayStation 3 title.

Naughty Dog is looking to remaster The Last of Us with bump up to 1080p and they’re “targeting” 60 FPS. It will also include developer commentary and all the downloadable content released thus far including “Left Behind.

After the confirmation, I traded in my PlayStation 3 copy for $15. It’s not the highest value in its history but I figured it was going to plummet after today’s announcement.

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