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I Welcome the Adaptive-Sync Future

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amd-logoVESA announced the inclusion of the “Adaptive-Sync” feature in Display Port 1.2a specification today. What does this mean for us?

Adaptive-Sync provides smoother, tear-free images for gaming and judder-free video playback. It also significantly reduces power consumption for static desktop content and low frame rate video.

If this Adaptive-Sync specification and AMD’s Project FreeSync feature is comparable to the NVIDIA G-Sync solution, then we are all winners. It will force NVIDIA to adapt its G-Sync feature to accommodate Adaptive-Sync and we shouldn’t see silly markups on monitors with NVIDIA exclusive features.

I wouldn’t want to be tied down to NVIDIA GPUs if I purchased a G-Sync capable monitor. What if their GPUs fall out of favor? People do not change monitors as often as video cards.

This standardized feature will also enable a wider array of monitors to choose from. I don’t want some cheap TN “gamer” monitor. I want IPS, OLEDs and other display technologies to incorporate this game changing feature.

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