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The Microsoft Surface Pro 3

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I’ve been eying the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets from a while now. I’ve always wondered if it could truly replace my iPad and MacBook Air combination.

96% of people who own an iPad also own a laptop

Microsoft pointed out that fact today and it’s true. I own both but I don’t think everyone owns both for the exact same reason as me. I own a desktop, laptop and tablet. The desktop is for gaming, and Windows exclusive work. The MacBook Air is pretty much my general usage machine. I do everything from word processing, remote administration of my home server and even some light gaming. The iPad is for watching shows, listening to music, browsing and bite sized games.

I have all three in order to maximize their strengths. However, I believe most households these days have laptops as their central computing device and forgo the desktop. So it makes a whole lot of sense when you consider the fact that iPad owners also have laptops.

I can see myself enjoying the Surface 3 Pro (Core i5, 128GB) but I don’t see myself utilizing it as the laptop replacement that Microsoft says. The new flexible stand is nice but it will never replace the sturdiness of a laptop for me. And while the pen is great for taking notes, I cannot remember the last time I was yearning for pen input.

So why would I want a Surface Pro 3 when I’m not going to take advantage of the tablet’s greatest strengths? For curiosity’s sake. Unfortunately I don’t have a grand just to satisfy curiosity.

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