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Battlefield: Hardline Announced

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Battlefield Hardline

A new Battlefield game was leaked and subsequently made official today. Battlefield: Hardline is being made by the folks who brought us Dead Space, Visceral Games. It will be “a cops vs. robbers” game and judging by the leaked details, it looks like it will have a much narrower focus.

It honestly doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’ve always wanted to see Frostbite’s destruction  employed with finer detail. I just hope it will emerge in a better state than Battlefield 4 did. It’s a cross generation game which makes me very weary. How Visceral Games will handle multiplatform, single player and multiplayer duties is beyond me. I hope for the best though.


I’m cautiously optimistic for the E3 2014 reveal. If Battlefield 4 wasn’t in a playable state today, I wouldn’t have mustered any hype for it. But DICE have begun righting this ship and I think I’m ready for some more Battlefield again.

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