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BF: Hardline detailed via leaked internal video

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Yesterday’s info dump pales in comparison to today’s leaked internal video for Battlefield: Hardline. It’s a six month old video which explains the use of the “Omaha” codename and preliminary graphics.

First it sounds like my gut feeling was right: this game looks like it will be developed by Visceral Games and DICE. For a single player focused studio like Visceral Games to handle all those platforms and both multiplayer and single player duties was a tall order.

I was impressed with what I saw. It’s going to be a smaller scale game and it’s going to be a bit weird not seeing tanks, APCs and other vehicles rolling around but I’m sure it’ll be fine. We’ve seen smaller scale Battlefield games before in the guise of Bad Company. I just hope they go all out with the minor details. If they’re not going to have epic battles on a large scale, I expect them to nail smaller scale firefights with incredible detail.

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