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E3 2014 Day 2 Impressions

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As E3 properly gets under way, we’re beginning to find out more information on the games themselves.

Mortal Kombat X
Release date: 2015
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

I loved Mortal Kombat 9 for its innovative spin on fighting game campaigns and I look forward to seeing what Ed Boon and Netherrealm Studios has been up to with regards to their story lines. They’ve already revealed that Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade have a daughter, Cassie Cage. Then there’s this insect human hybrid being, what’s the story with her? And of course, who will be the main villain this go around? Is it Shinnok and his silly hat?

Release date: Sep. 9, 2014
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

I have faith in Bungie’s ability to deliver on enjoyable sci-fi game. After Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach, I was onboard with whatever their next adventure was. When I first laid eyes on Destiny, I wasn’t blown away. It seemed ordinary. The Borderlands comparison bubbled to the surface immediately and I wasn’t so sure that it would be a mind blowing experiencing like I thought it would be. But With each passing gameplay video, I was beginning to realize that it was the details and presentation that was making this definitively Bungie. The enemies were demonstrating some smarts and the combat had a specific and deliberate pace to it that was reminiscent of Halo.

I just hope I feel the same way after getting hands on with it.

Random Tidbits

  • That Uncharted 4 trailer was running in-engine on a PlayStation 4 at 1080p60. Insane but it’s just a single character on screen. Let’s see how things are with enemies and the rest of the gang.
  • Bloodborne looks like it will run well and look pretty. As a title from the director behind Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, this is a revelation.
  • There aren’t a lot of AAA PlayStation 4 exclusives this holiday season (DriveClub). Thank goodness for multiplatform development.
  • Gamers are terrible at working out basic math. Watching them try pin down the cheapest pre-order deal between Amazon.ca and BestBuy.ca is sad.
  • Amazon.ca went from having the best E3 pre-order sale to having the most confusing and clumsy sale. What is going on over there?

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