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Google I/O? More like Snoozer I/O, amirite?

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google-logoBoth Apple’s WWDC and Google I/O are developer conferences but the latter is significantly more boring to the consumer. I felt Apple did an admirable job selling the future of iOS. Google? They need some work.

The features of Android L sound interesting but you wouldn’t be able to tell from their simple website. I would love for them to expand and detail each of those features. Apple goes gaga over the simplest features which is ridiculous at times but I feel Google should borrow a few things from Apple’s playbook.

As for those Google Android L watches? The LG and Samsung watches look too bulky. The Moto 360 looks more appealing with its traditional circular face but it too looks bulky. I’m very curious what Apple’s offering will look like. If it’s anything like these Android offerings, it’ll be a while before you see me wear one of those monstrosities.

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