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DICE promises more BF4 fixes in the coming months

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dice-logoThe latest “Community Test Environmentpatch for Battlefield 4 landed today. The fixes include changes to Rush, third person camera angles and the beginning of UI improvements.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the continued support for Battlefield 4. Unfortunately, I’m impatient about these kinds of things and wish DICE would release those changes sooner rather than later. I want to try these changes for myself.

Most (if not all) GAF members that I play with ignore Rush because it’s too cramped and offer little to no opportunity for strategies. It’s just a bloodbath.

The Obliteration changes are welcomed and maybe — just maybe — I can get that Obliteration related Trophy. Showing everyone the bomb carrier’s location at all times was a silly decision. At least now, people who are on foot will have a fighting chance.

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