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Devs: Please embrace 1080p60

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The Last of Us Remastered

In the perfect world, every PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title will run at 1080p60. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Many games debuted at 1080p resolution for the PlayStation 4 but run at 30 frames per second. Developers who favor visual fidelity over responsiveness tend to run at lower framerates which is fine. Not every title needs to run at 60 FPS but I’m glad to see developers like Naughty Dog try to achieve 1080p60 and recognize the benefits of clear picture and fast framerate.

“It was a toss-up before; people were saying that you lose quality and graphics and what not,” Gregory said when asked why Naughty Dog feels that it’s such an important component for the game. “But being able to compare apples to apples like we have now with The Last of Us, going back and playing the 30 Hz version feels, to quote some people in the office, ‘broken.’ There’s something that can’t be captured in screenshots and playing an adventure game where you just walk around and experience the world at the smooth 60 Hz.

I hope more developers get on board with this and stay with it. Some of the most popular and top selling games run at 60FPS including Call of Duty, Gran Turismo and the Mario games. It just feels right and will likely hold up better in the long run.

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