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MS: One OS future in the works

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windows-8-logoWhile Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Xbox OSes may look like they’re part of the same family of operating systems, it wasn’t actually the same operating system on an engineering level.

It looks like that will change and Microsoft is moving full steam ahead towards its one Windows future. I hope they get it right this time.

Apple still keeps its mobile and desktop operating systems separate on the engineering level and implements hooks and functions to facilitate communication between the different platforms. But as mobile technology advances and we get faster mobile processors, a future where a single operating system can transform from phone, to tablet and to desktop with ease can be incredibly beneficial.

Imagine developing an application that will work across multiple platforms. All you have to do is adjust the user interface to fit each platform’s screen. Microsoft was promising that with Windows 8 and its sister operating systems but that didn’t pan out because of the fundamental differences on the engineering level.

Maybe now that they’re building the next Windows from the ground up with multiple platforms in mind, their vision will pan out.

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