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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare MP Trailer

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The campaign trailer and demonstrations for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare convinced me to pull the trigger on the FutureShop E3 pre-order. I was wowed by the visual upgrade and was looking forward to Sledgehammer Games’ futuristic take on the franchise. A shiny coat of paint can go a long way with me.

Today, the multiplayer trailer debuted and I’m left wondering where those impressive visuals went. This doesn’t look terrible by any means but it doesn’t scream “next-gen” to me. The scale isn’t there.

Okay. That’s fine. How does the gameplay look?

I’m reminded of Crysis 2’s multiplayer and the suit powerups which is a plus. I like the mobility that the double jump enables. I’m not too thrilled about the quick deaths or apparent lack of recoil though.

Charlie Intel has more gameplay videos. The high flying nature of the game reminds me of classic arena shooters from yesteryear. I can get behind that. Now if only they would confirm the existence of Gun Game…

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