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CoD vs BF: Battle of the SP Campaigns

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Battlefield: Hardline vs Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will not be duking it out this holiday season but this won’t stop EA and Activision’s PR machines from churning out media and walkthroughs of their single player campaigns.

Battlefield: Hardline SP Campaign Gameplay

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare SP Campaign Gameplay

To be perfectly honest, none of these look particularly exciting. Battlefield’s stealth looks pathetic and unconvincing. Call of Duty’s new features at its core aren’t game changing either. What separates the two campaigns for me is the look and quality of visuals. I find Sledgehammer’s depiction of our near future to be interesting and attractive; it’s clean and grounded. And to be frank, that’s all it takes for me: I’m intrigued by Sledgehammer’s vision and I don’t have the faintest of interest for Visceral Games’ cops and robbers approach.

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