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Destiny’s Launch Trailer is a bit underwhelming

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The Destiny alpha and betas did a great job explaining what Destiny is but there was a nasty side effect where Bungie seemingly showed their entire hand.

I don’t usually watch launch trailers these days. I want to leave surprises in games that I’ve already pre-ordered. But since I spent time with Destiny’s pre-release betas and after hearing some of the worries about lack of content, I decided to check to see if Bungie showed off any areas or capabilities.

I was not reassured. I’ve experienced and seen much of what was shown in that trailer. I was hoping they would tease some space dog fighting or something drastically different. I still have hopes for some awesome surprises but I’m also not going to be surprised if I’m not revisiting Destiny after November.

P.S – “Become Legend” sounds pretty lame.

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