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Amazon Bought Twitch

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Amazon bought Twitchtwitch-logo for $970 million in cash. That’s a discounted price tag compared to the rumored $1 billion Google was considering.

When I heard the rumor of Google’s interest in Twitch, I thought it made a lot of sense. Google could have benefited from a larger base of potential users to advertise to and Twitch could expand their capabilities with the help of the tech giant’s infrastructure and technology.

Amazon can offer Twitch similar technological and infrastructure help but I don’t quite know how Twitch helps Amazon. It does expand their gaming portfolio with the addition of a gaming live stream service and at this point, every little addition helps their image in the eyes of gaming fans.

Twitch have improved tremendously over the last year or so but now that they have access to Amazon’s resources, I expect them to improve even more. They start by developing an official Roku app.

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