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Apple this & Apple that: A new era begins?

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apple-logo.pngToday’s iPhone 6 Keynote was full of new Apple products new and updated. They touted new features and ideal usage scenarios with Apple’s tight integration of hardware, software and services. It all looked so beautiful and harmonious.

But as the announcements and confirmations rolled in, I was left disappointed. In many ways, this is still the Apple that I appreciate but at the same time, the products announced today were not as I hoped they would be.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

I subscribed to the thinking that a smartphone should be useable with just one hand. With my small hands, this rule remains true with the iPhone 4S through to the iPhone 5S. The new iPhone 6 with its 4.7″ screen is a tad too big to operate with one hand. But that’s not my biggest concern, I just don’t like the idea of a larger phone in my pocket.

The more progress Apple makes, the more things remain the same. This remains true for the iPhone 6’s storage options. They’re still only offering 16GB at the base model in 2014. That’s incomprehensible to me. Is this arrogance on their part?

Aesthetically, I believe the latest phone took a step back. It reminds me too much of the latest iPod Touch or a flattened iPhone 3GS. When will they stop reducing thickness and include a larger battery? It’d be nice not to worry about charging my phone for an entire work week.

With the size and aesthetic alterations Apple made for the iPhone 6, the iPhone 5S looks to be the iPhone of choice for me until I am willing to accept larger phones in my life.

Apple Pay

NFC is here and along with it, a revolution in paying for goods and services. Well, that is if you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or an Apple Watch. It’s only the beginning here but, unlike with Passport, I really hope this takes off in Canada. If I can eliminate the need to carry my credit cards with me, that would be fantastic. Maybe then I’ll overcome my reservations with the increased phone footprint.

Apple Watch

I didn’t know what to expect from Apple Watch but it certainly wasn’t a square faced bulge on my wrist. I expected something sleek and refined; like a better version of the Moto 360. I also expected one extremely clever usage case from Apple but all they demonstrated were ideas that other smart watch manufacturers have already concocted but done the Apple way.

I also expected them to swoop in and tout ridiculously long lasting battery life but that wasn’t the case either. Instead they just showed how easy it was to charge the thing.
I didn’t expect it to be cheap. (I actually guessed that it would be $349). I also expected this watch to be a soft launch because there wasn’t a single peep from the assembly lines regarding this watch. If Apple were going to sell it soon, they would have already ramped up manufacturing

The early 2015 launch day also has the added benefit of lessening the blow of the $349 price tag. Offering consumers a $350 accessory to buy ontop of their $200 iPhone 6 is a bit much.

It’s not about “I”, it’s about “Apple”

The age of the “i” product is over; Apple didn’t announce the iWatch or iPay. I wouldn’t be surprised if they rebranded the iPhone to Apple Phone and the iPad to Apple Pad.

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