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Checkpoint: Destiny Edition

Checkpoint - Destiny Edition

I still cannot pass judgement on Destiny but my fears appear to have rung true after hearing and reading some of the criticisms.

We’ve never experienced the launch of a big budget game along side reviewers. Early access was virtually non-existent, so critics and consumers alike were experiencing the same game at the same time. The resulting reaction appears to be

I’m a fan of this approach because we’re all experiencing the game together as consumers. I understand there are those who are waiting to pull the trigger on their $60+ purchases but waiting a week wouldn’t be the end of the world for someone who values their dollars. I feel this kind of post release review process keeps us all honest.

I just unlocked Venus and I still hold up a sliver of hope for this Destiny to get better but I’m not holding my breath.

It’s Destiny, FIFA 15 demo and a bit of Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney on the side for me lately. I am done with Diablo III for now but I really want to get back to it.

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