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Checkpoint: FIFA 15 Edition

Checkpoint - FIFA 15 Edition

I’ve been playing a fair amount of FIFA 15 lately and continue to improve and digress with each game. I feel like I’m playing a fighting game where I’m looking up techniques, tips and strategies. And I’m not even playing against live opponents yet; only “Professional” level CPU opponents.

All sports titles have this level of involvement and every year balance changes are implemented which means the tips of last year don’t necessarily translate to the current release. There are fundamentals that are relevant year after year which I’m trying to grasp. I’ve been looking up YouTube Tutorials and written articles. Thankfully there’s not much conflicting info.

It’s been interesting to watch my brother and I’s progression through FIFA 15. Initial wonder and amusement is now replaced with frustration and bewilderment as we attempt to master “Professional” difficulty. What was once so fluid is suddenly sluggish and what was once a natural course of action seems to be a risky proposition. Is it the game or is it us? That’s what we’re trying to figure out and we’re enjoying that process of retiring old tricks and picking up new ones.

I’ve also been playing Diablo III: UEE and started Wasteland 2. I’ve freed up a fair bit of time with the decision of not buying Forza Horizon 2 yet so I decided to start up the game I Kickstarted. So far? I’m enjoying it. My only complaint so far is that I wish it had more spoken dialog.

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