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Checkpoint: Changes Edition

Checkpoint - Changes Edition

I cannot believe it’s October already. I am fully aware of the month and day but it’s like I’m unwilling to accept it. I still feel like summer was just a week ago. But it is autumn and changes are abound and I’ve decided to introduce some to this site.

I gave those proposed changes a try and I like it. I enjoy the less is more approach. If I don’t have anything to say, best not to scrape the news sites or YouTube for trailers and offer teensy one liners.

  • Tuesdays – Will be a news day for anything that happened since the last week
  • Wednesdays – Dedicated for whatever review or impressions piece I have cooking.
  • Thursdays – For what little things that I found interesting or whatever noteworthy item I’ve collected.
  • Sundays – Checkpoints.

I need a new name for Thursday’s piece. Right now it’s “Untitled”. I was thinking along the lines of MMQB but then I thought back to my original LiveJournal blog called “Tales of Tomfoolery” and considered that. But thinking over the subject matter of the feature which would primarily game and technology oriented, I jotted some ideas:

  • Game & Watch
  • Game & Tech
  • Thursday Tech & Tomfoolery or T-Squared
  • Savestate

I’m leaning heavily towards Savestate. It fits well with the site and doesn’t ape Nintendo or sound cheesy after repeated use. Or so I think.

Here are some ground rules that I laid out for myself. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays will be definitive posting days. Wednesdays will feature posts when they’re ready. I won’t be forcing the issue which is what all these changes are about in the end.

Wasteland 2, FIFA 15 and Diablo III are on constant rotation at the moment. It’s a great mix and I’m enjoying my time with all three.

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