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Savestate: Driving to Wait

Valkyria Chronicles

Re: DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition Delay

Shuhei Yoshida officially delayed the DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition until further notice.

It’s understandable considering the networking side of the game has been a complete non-starter due to code issues. It’s been three weeks and if the tentpole feature of the game isn’t ready to go for paying customers, it makes sense to delay the freebie version.

I’m okay with the delay but I’m also someone who wasn’t waiting for DRIVECLUB to arrive in the first place. Some believe they’re owed this piece of shareware and claim their PlayStation Plus memberships were purchased because of it. It sounds ludicrous but I hope they learn their lesson: Never pay for potential unless you can exercise patience when something goes awry.

Re: Valkyria Chronicles coming to PC

Valkyria Chronicles was a fantastic PS3 title and now I can relive it with all the DLC that I never bought for $20? Sounds like quite the deal. I just need folks to confirm that it is a good PC port. If it is is, I’ll pick it up for $10 or so.

Now we just need Vanquish to make its way to PC. It deserves the 60 FPS treatment.

Entering the 802.11ac Future

The death of my ASUS RT-N16 nerfed my wireless network range a bit. It’s usable but the range was essentially halved for one side of my WDS.

It doesn’t make sense for me to invest in 802.11n routers anymore. My brother’s iPhone 6 and my pending iPad Air 2 will sport AC chipsets and that number will only grow over time. It’s time to step into the future.

I want an AC1900 device which operates at speeds up to 600 Mbps for the 2.4 GHz range and 1300 Mbps for the 5 GHz range. The two rulers of the AC1900 roost are the NETGEAR R7000 Nighthawk and the ASUS RT-AC68U. They’re both $200 which is approximately $50 more than I’d like to spend on routers.

Both support custom firmware like DD-WRT and Tomato. (Obviously the ASUS supports ASUSWRT-Merlin as well). The Nighthawk has slightly superior specifications but my history with ASUS’ wonderful routers is making it tough for me to deviate.

I have plenty of time to think it over though. Like I said earlier, the $200 price point is just way too high for me.

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