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Checkpoint: Sunday Derby Edition

Checkpoint - Sunday Derby Edition

It’s Manchester City vs Manchester United and Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady today.

It begins with the Manchester Derby which might be over before the half with the dismissal of a player on the United side. There’s another 45 min to be played but with United being a man down, this could turn into a 1 – 0 win for City or a grinding draw.

This afternoon will feature two of the NFL’s great quarterbacks. I’m rooting for New England but Denver’s improved defense has me worried. I just hope for a competitive game.

Rivalry games spur up lots of talk about history and tradition. I enjoy the history part of it but I often wonder if players are as heated as the fans. Soccer rivalries are especially weird because club allegiances dissolve on a regular basis because of international duties. I’m sure players from the same nation hate each other for personal reasons but not because of tradition.

I think I’m at the final area of Wasteland 2. I’m nearing the 70 hour mark and I’m ready for it to be over. I’m already sacrificing Bayonetta time just to wrap this monolithic game up.

Was it really that big of a game though? I don’t think so. Bugs kept doubt in the air and I wasted quite a bit of time wandering. I think I could have shaved off at least 10 hours if the game was functioning as intended.

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