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Savestate: Shocking Replacements

White DualShock 4

White Dual Shock 4 controller

The instant grip of the original Dual Shock 4 controller revision was awesome. Coming from the Dual Shock 3 and the Xbox 360 controllers, the grippy texture of the Dual Shock 4 was a revelation at the time.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last.

Since I wasn’t going to pick up a white console any time soon, I did the next best thing and picked up a white Dual Shock 4 controller for $40. It’s gorgeous and the improved rubber material on the thumb sticks will undoubtedly last longer but they had to sacrifice that initial grip factor that I loved.

I accept that sacrifice if it means that the controller will last more than a year.

Sony doesn’t send out controller coffins

Sony support initially told me they were going to send a box to ship my Dual Shock 4 with the ripped thumb stick but after seeing nothing for a few days, I contacted Sony to inquire about the box’s status. To my disappointment, they said “Diego” was incorrect and they don’t send out boxes and it was up to me to ship the controller to them. I expressed my disappointment and ended the chat.

I decided to take the $11 in shipping and spend it on Xbox One thumb stick replacements and a battery upgrade. I’m very curious how the sticks will fare in a Dual Shock 4 and how much of an improvement the battery will make. Unfortunately, these parts hail from China so I will receive them in 3 to 5 weeks.

Re: The Witcher 3 & its 16 pieces of DLC

Free DLC is a nice gesture at first glance but it’s difficult to get excited for it when the announced content includes nothing more than cosmetic and equipment. CD Projekt Red are making a statement by forgoing pre-order bonuses etc. but let’s not go crazy and claim this is going to usher in a new trend.

If they wanted to win hearts, they’ll exceed the DLC plan of Electronic Arts and BioWare’s Mass Effect 2. The Cerberus Network gave us a character (which may have been axed from the main game but still), equipment, a new area and few new missions.

If the Witcher 3 DLC plans consist of nothing more than equipment and cosmetic pieces, the cynic in me will see this as nothing more than chopped content converted to DLC for the sake of headlines. And with such an aggressive timeline of “two pieces every week” following launch, I don’t think it’s going to be anything substantial.

Random Thought of the Week

I own a tracksuit now.

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