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Checkpoint: Black Friday 2014 Edition

Checkpoint - Black Friday 2014

Apparently Black Friday festivities start two weeks before November 28th this year.

None of the deals have been jaw dropping and anything worthwhile was initiated by the manufacturer. It looks like retailers are simply branding the weekly sales with Black Friday labels in hopes to conjure up sales.

I don’t have a thing that I desperately want to buy during these sales but it would be nice to pick up Wolfenstein and/or Rayman: Legends for around $20.

I’m content just to see what deals pop up. Spending large sums of money during these sales is a bit of a risk for Canadians because things can drop in price during Boxing Day sales.

Black Friday is one of two days where running GameDealsCanada feels like a job. Gathering the deals and organizing them is helpful but it does take a fair bit of time. Over the past week, I was thinking of ways to improve that situation for myself and for the audience. I was considering a wiki or Google Spreadsheet but I didn’t think they would sufficiently supplant the current method.

I want to give users the ability to organize by price, retailer, platform or title. The spreadsheet immediately comes to mind but it’s not mobile friendly or particularly attractive. Hopefully I can think of something by the next time Black Friday rolls in.

I finally watched Akira last night. I recognized some of the themes and ideas that other films and video games were inspired by but I felt it was still able to stand on its own. I couldn’t make immediate comparisons like when I watched Event Horizon after playing Dead Space.

I wrapped up Bayonetta 2 and started Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4. It’s too early to draw any firm impressions but I will admit that I’m bummed by the game’s inability to sustain a 30FPS framerate — especially with all that aliasing. I can live with those issues but shortcomings like this are nudging me closer to picking up a GeForce GTX 970.

P.S – I had written up a nice update for today but WordPress and/or hosting difficulties ate it up. I should stop composing with this.

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