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Savestate: Assassin’s Sales

Assassin's Creed Unity Bug

Ubisoft compensates for Assassin’s Creed: Unity

It may have landed on fire and smelling of fecal matter but I have to give a tiny bit of credit to Ubisoft for trying to make amends. However, the cynical side of me wonders why anyone would want to play more of a game that they dislike.

I think season pass owners would have preferred the option for a full refund. Trading a $30 season pass for the likes of Far Cry 4 is a great deal but what if you’re not a fan of Far Cry 4 or the rest of the offered titles? Or what happens if you already own all those titles?

It’s an effort but not as thoughtful as it could have been.

Re: Black Friday 2014

The sales have begun early on Thursday which meant I was spending a fair bit of time picking, posting and considering deals.

It’s been crazy this year and not because of any jaw dropping deals. So far, it’s just been a lot of decent deals.

Thought of the Week

Where would Manchester City be without Sergio Aguero?

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