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Checkpoint: GameDealsCanada.com Edition

Checkpoint - GameDealsCanada-com Edition

So GameDealsCanada.com is now a thing. I worked on it Sunday for a primetime launch which was why I didn’t have a Checkpoint up.

It’s been a good launch thus far. The only outstanding issues so far include:

  • Image flipping not functioning properly on Internet Explorer
  • Drop down menus not auto collapsing when it’s not in focus
  • Figuring out a way to display promotions
  • Missing footer information including an About page and Contact info

The image flipping issue is relatively benign. It’s supposed flip over and show the store logo but for some odd reason, Internet Explorer 11 is just inversing the image. I’m thinking it’s a CSS and/or JavaScript minifying issue. Truth be told, it’s a non-issue for me. Nobody else noticed it and if they did, they didn’t mention it. Who uses Internet Explorer anyways?

For the drop down menus, it’s in the hands of the developer who created the plugin that I’m using. I brought it up with them and they’ve said it’s on their own to-do list.

I need to figure out a way to display deals and promotions that don’t necessarily have a fixed price. For example, promotions like “Buy 1, get 1 free” or the “Steam Holiday Sale” would be misrepresented with a price tag of “Free”.

Finally, I need to add some information on the footer. Probably some text that states that this webpage is best served with Safari and Google Chrome.

Other than those issues, it’s deals and more deals that need posting.

I continue to chip away at Grand Theft Auto V. I find myself wanting to see more of the cutscenes — Yakuza length cutscenes would be great! I think.

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