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Checkpoint: Superbowl Ex Licks Edition

Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots.

Two 14-4 teams. Number 1 defence vs number 1 offence.

I want the New England Patriots to win but I won’t be surprised with another Seattle Seahawks Superbowl win. If Seattle wins, a new dynasty is born. If New England wins, a legacy will be cemented. Either way, history will be made.

We have a several hours before the opening kick off but I’m not participating in the six hour pre-game hype. Instead, I’m watching the original “football” with Barcelona and Villareal. It’s a 3-2 match at the time of writing with Barca leading.

It’s a sports filled weekend and the last one for quite some time with the NFL season’s finale just a few hours away.

Wind Waker HD is wonderful so far. It’s amazing how well the game holds up on a fundamental level after all these years. The Wii U gamepad additions are nice but not enough for me to utilize full time. I just feel more at home with the Wii U’s Pro controller.

I’m on the final chapter of Dual Destinies and continuing to enjoy FIFA 15’s career mode. I’m wondering if it’ll ever end. I’m looking to up the difficulty up to World Class and starting a new career if/when this current stint ends.

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