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Checkpoint: March Rushed Edition

I can’t believe it’s already March. Where did February go? How did it disappear so quickly? I honestly don’t know. In some ways, I did want the months to fly by but I didn’t expect them to move at this pace.

Last year, there was an air of uncertainty with my life. I was in a relationship but there were many questions surrounding it. This March —  despite being single — I’m feeling very comfortable and focused. This time last year I was focusing on myself while this year, I’m focusing on family.

I’ve also been focusing on StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty’s campaign. It’s been very pleasant and a bit of a surprise for me. I didn’t realize how varied and inventive the missions would be. At it’s very core, it is just build armies and eliminate the enemy but the manner and circumstances surrounding each mission were inventive.

I’ve also started playing my FIFA 15 campaign at “World Class” difficulty. It’s been challenging and forces the game to be played in a realistic fashion.

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