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A Mobile Nintendo

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Nintendo Moving in on Mobile

After years of rumors, prodding and speculation by everyone, Nintendo is finally going to make a genuine effort to bring their intellectual property to mobile platforms with Japanese developer, DeNA.

We’ll finally see Pokemon and Mario on iOS and Android. “In what capacity?” That’s the question. Will we see a real Pokemon title or a F2P variant? Will we see an endless runner starring Mario? Or perhaps a Rayman Fiesta Run style game? That’ll be neat.

Nintendo has so many properties that would find natural homes on an iPhone or iPad. I would love to see a Kirby’s Canvas Curse port or a rendition of Picross on iOS.

The fruits of this Nintendo x DeNA partnership will be made bare in the autumn of 2015. I am looking forward to it. Who knows? Maybe one day Pokemon Yellow will legally make its way onto iOS.

Project NX

Nintendo have also stated that they’re working on a Nintendo wide account system which will be at the core of their upcoming dedicated game system codenamed Project NX.

Satoru Iwata said there are no other details at this time and we’ll find out more next year. What a tease. Now Nintendo will be inundated by Project NX inquiries.

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