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Checkpoint: Weekend of Champions Edition

Defense wins championships. It doesn’t matter if it’s boxing or soccer: defense often prevails in the end. It may not be the most glamorous matches to watch but both Chelsea and Mayweather did what they had to do and then forced their respective opponents to beat them.

I’m not a fan of Mayweather but I respect his skill in the ring. He’s so technically sound and it doesn’t seem like it the effects of time diminished him whatsoever. If the this match took place five years ago, I would have given Pacquiao a better chance to win since his style relies on athletic ability and youthful exuberance. It wasn’t a great fight but it was a Mayweather fight and they often aren’t great fights.

People labeled Chelsea as boring but scoring isn’t boring and Chelsea have scored with their opportunities and that’s impressive. They showed off their scoring ability in the first half of the season and then demonstrated precise counter-attacking soccer for the second half. I get it. They have quality players and are supposed to showcase attacking style like Real Madrid or Barcelona but they don’t have that kind of quality in the attacking positions at the moment.

With the Serie A, Bundesliga and English Premier League wrapped up, only La Liga and Ligue 1 are the only ones left up in the air. Out of the two, I only watch La Liga. Of course, there’s Champions League left.

I’m still playing through Sunset Overdrive. It’s a collectathon with superb traversing mechanics which makes it entertaining.

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