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Checkpoint: My First Relegation Edition

Newcastle United’s 2-0 victory over West Ham United sealed Hull City’s fate today. Even if Hull City managed to score a late winner, it would have been for naught. All Newcastle United had to do to stay in the Premier League was to win their game. They controlled their fate but I didn’t care for Newcastle and their poor brand of soccer. I was hoping they would be relegated.

So I watch the tiger striped Hull City team go against Manchester United. I wanted to see what kind of effort a lower tiered team would muster to stay in the Premier League.

Newcastle scored in the 54th minute and you could tell the fans at Hull City knew their club were going down. I’m sure the players knew but they continued to hang on for that glimmer of hope that they would breakdown Manchester United’s defence and for West Bromich Albion to tie it up. Then the 84th minute came and Newcastle scored another goal making 2-0.

The players were dejected. It looked like some shed tears. I’ve seen players fall out of the playoffs in North American sports but no one ever looked this disappointed. North American sports players don’t have to face the realities of relegation; they will always get another chance to challenge the top teams without having to go through another entire league.

So I guess this is goodbye to Hull City. Maybe we’ll see them again in the 2016-17 season. Or maybe not.

It’s The Witcher 3. All the time. Every time.

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