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Checkpoint: Phantom Pain Edition

Metal Gear Solid is back. Or is it? I think everyone will agree that this isn’t like any other Metal Gear game before it and it is categorically a better playing game. 90 minute cutscenes? I haven’t seen anything like that. I’ve collected a lot of plants and soldiers though. It’s Peace Walker 2.0 or — more cynically — it’s what Peace Walker would have been if it wasn’t restricted by the PlayStation Portable.

I’ve put in about 20 hours and yet I’m still less than 10% done the game. I’m still playing it like a regular Metal Gear game and trying to stealth my way through everything. I’m not letting myself go hog wild with all the options available to me. I don’t need to play stealthily all the time (it’s only the proper missions that are graded) but I can’t help it. I just shot my way out of a facility for the first time after realizing that these Side Ops aren’t graded whatsoever.

Old habits die hard

It’s easily the best playing Metal Gear game but based on these early missions, we’ve lost a bit of Metal Gear’s signature traits. The gameplay wackiness is still there but I miss the Huh?’s.

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