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Sony’s TGS 2015 Press Conference

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Tokyo Game Show 2015 is just a few days away and I guess Sony wanted a bit of limelight for themselves so they held a press conference.

Here are some of notable highlights that I ran into on NeoGAF’s front page this morning:

Okay. Let’s take a step back and digest all of this. There are quite a number of remasters and returning franchises. I’m not offended by it but I know there are those who are not keen on the idea of seeing old games come back with new coats of paint. A Yakuza 1 remake is a little out of left field but remastering Gravity Daze for PlayStation 4 makes sense if they’re going to make a sequel to it a PlayStation 4 title.

Speaking of sequels. Of course there was going to be new installments of Yakuza and Hot Shots Golf coming to the PlayStation 4 — they’re like Mario Kart and Zelda titles for PlayStation platforms at this point. Then there was King of Fighters XIV which was also a surprise announcement but for the wrong reasons (did you see how bad it looks?). I know Gravity Rush 2 was a fan favorite but I didn’t enjoy my time with Gravity Rush on the PlayStation Vita; I struggled with the controls. Hopefully the PlayStation 4 sequel will address my concerns.

Umbrella Corps was unexpected for a few reasons. It’s a Unity 5 game which is weird when you consider that Capcom have MT Framework. It will also be a competitive multiplayer game that will launch for the PlayStation 4 and PC for just $29.99. The last point stuck out to me because I can’t recall the last time Capcom released a full priced Resident Evil title. It seems they’re more than content with these smaller projects for their survival horror franchise.

Project Setsuna is the unnamed “old school” JRPG being developed by a smaller team within Square Enix. World of Final Fantasy is an upcoming title aimed at younger players with its emphasis on simpler mechanics. Both titles are similar in nature in my mind. I hope these more “experimental” titles pan out for Square Enix because I love the ideas behind them.

I liked Bloodborne — despite its outstanding frame pacing issues — so I will likely pick up The Old Hunters expansion when it hits $10 or so. You may call it me being cheap but it’s also a way for me to give myself some time to play other titles coming out that during that time.

A Very Solid Lineup

That’s a very solid line up coming from Japan and that’s just for Sony’s platform. I’m sure when Tokyo Game Show draws closer, I like to believe we’ll see even more from Japan’s various studios.


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