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Checkpoint: A Better Witcher Edition

The people who played and finished The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt within the first month would have had a significantly different experience compared to those who started it today. Since release, CD Projekt RED continued to patch and improve the game noticeable ways. Version 1.10 finally fixed most of the performance issues plaguing the PlayStation 4 version. They also tweaked the menus and made quality of life issues along the way. With 1.10, I’m able to easily switch between four potions which is a game changer because going into the inventory menu proper is still a sluggish chore. And last but not least, they introduced a more responsive movement system.

What’s the impact of these patches onThe Witcher 3’s ranking in my top 10? It was my game of the year early on but the more I played the more apparent the issues became. And as I was playing the silky smooth Metal Gear Solid V, I felt I had to knock it down from the top spot because I shouldn’t dread playing a game because of performance issues. Fortunately for CD Projekt RED, patch 1.10 may have sealed the deal for their RPG epic.

Aside from The Witcher 3, I’ve also been picking at FTL on iOS and Theatrhythm: Curtain Call. My fondness for the latter grows every time I play it. It’s full of nostalgic warm fuzziness.

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