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Checkpoint: Chevy Volt 2016 Edition

So after a nearly a year of waiting, I finally test drove the Chevy Volt 2016.  I enjoyed my hour or so with the car. It didn’t matter if it was through suburbia or highways, it was enjoyable for myself and my passengers.

The Looks

I knew exactly what I was expecting after months of ogling the thing through official photos and GM-Volt forum posts. Even the size wasn’t a surprise to me since the 2015 Volt was virtually identical in size with the 2016.

The Drive

The most noticeable difference in the drive was visibility. The 2016’s front visibility felt liberating compared to the 2015’s which was slightly claustrophobic by comparison. I’m sure I could have gotten used to the 2015’s much narrower view but with the 2016, I didn’t have to. I also want to say the side window visibility was also improved as well. I’m not 100% certain but I believe they increased the size of those windows. The rear visibility was more or less the same though.

The drive was similar to the 2015’s. It got off the line with a pep and did a decent job ramping up towards highway speeds but I wouldn’t call it exhilarating. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t miss the feeling of 200+ horsepower on the highway. I would have preferred if they injected an additional 25 HP but you know what? It’s not a deal breaker for a driver like myself; I’m the furthest thing from an aggressive driver and can easily manage.

The ride is supposedly quieter than the 2015 Volt but I couldn’t really tell. I was in electric mode in both vehicles so if there were improvements in quietening the internal combustion engine, I didn’t get to experience it.

I tried out the “regen on demand paddle” which was more like a button than an analog paddle. This made for very abrupt stops at the tail end of a slow down. I’m going to have to combine it and the regular breaking. I must admit: that regen on demand button is fun to use. Braking with a button turned breaking into a game of sorts.


The redesigned center console is fantastic. It’s functional and looks great. The 8″ touch screen fits well and is the clear highlight of the car. I didn’t manage to try Apple Car Play but Sirius XM worked nicely.

The seats were comfortable throughout the ride for all passengers. The feel of the leather appears to be a step up from 2015’s which was what I was hoping for. The steering wheel’s leather still felt a little too plastic for me.

I wasn’t a big fan of the raised left foot rest; it’s a little too raised. I didn’t recall it being a thing on the 2015 Volt.

We tried sitting with three people in the back it wasn’t comfortable for 5’8″ person like myself. We three thinner asians fit in the back but I was too tall for the middle seat; it was definitely made for children or shorter people.

Making It So

I was happy with what I drove and barring some significant hurdles, I believe I’m going to own one.

I started Halo 5: Guardians earlier this week and I’m just about done the campaign. The lack of Xbox Live! Gold will curb any real desire to play the multiplayer right now though. I really want to try Warzone but at the same time, I hear the cards system that they employ for summoning equipment is a hinderance. It may be time for Black Ops III.



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